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Crack List

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Be the 1st to get rid of all your cards! The rules of the game are simple: a list is chosen, each in turn, get rid of your hand by offering answers that begin with the letters of your cards. Example: "Singers" Card A for Angèle, card B for Beyoncé.

Crack List: the Petit Bac in a card game! We all remember the categories first names, countries or cities, animals. We took the best of the most popular game from our childhood to create a new friendly card game.

A game that reconnects and brings together all generations. Fast games, which we want to restart. Challenge, general knowledge quiz, low blows, a little strategy and above all guaranteed laughter! Hundreds of absurd, whimsical, controversial, unexpected poetic categories promise surprising and hilarious games.

Good points :

  • Two strong and universal markers: the Petit Bac and the Uno.
  • A multi-generational game.
  • A game for families, friends, colleagues, created as a family by Papa Pierre and his daughter Charlotte.

Contents :

  • 2 decks of cards with 78 cards each
  • The blue packet, the GAME The red packet, the LISTS 1 game rules booklet
Data sheet
A partir de 10 ans
Game type
Atmosphere, cards, general culture
Pierre Faucon
Charlotte Faucon
Numbers of players
Duration of play
30 min
Blackrock Games
Size of the box
10,8 x 3,5 x 15,3 cm