Story boxes

Discover our Story Boxes: a world of fun for all ages!

Come and explore our selection of story boxes. Products chosen for their originality, quality, safety and educational value.

Why choose our Story Boxes?

  •     Innovation and imagination: Each story box is designed to stimulate the imagination of children and adults alike, allowing everyone to play and learn in a creative world.
  •     Guaranteed quality and safety: Carefully selected, our games comply with the strictest standards to ensure a safe and rewarding experience.
  •     Local and international expertise: Working with local and international manufacturers, we offer products that celebrate craftsmanship and quality.

Explore our varied range!

From the "My Story Factory" for toddlers to the "Flam Walkman", each product is an open door to worlds of fantasy and adventure. Our story boxes are perfect for children aged 12 months and over, offering a variety of themes and characters that captivate and educate.