Fun and educational, crib cushions are designed to stimulate the senses and encourage sensory development in babies and toddlers. They often have colourful fabrics to attract baby's attention, as well as various interactive elements such as a small mirror to teach him to recognise himself, rattles to learn how to hold them, a ring to soothe the gums or objects that make noise to awaken his senses.

Baby cushions also provide a safe and comfortable space for babies to explore their environment, and are very useful for strengthening muscles to achieve the different stages of development, such as rolling over.

As parents, you'll appreciate the versatility and ease of use of crib cushions. In fact, most are designed to be machine washable, making them practical for everyday use. What's more, their portable design means they're easy to take with you when you're out and about, giving babies a familiar environment even when they're away from home.

All in all, this makes them an ideal baby gift, as they contribute to healthy, balanced development.