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Discover our selection of fantastic figurines: A Magical Journey for All Ages

With our selection, you're bound to find the figurines that will make your day, so you can enjoy fun experiences that combine originality, quality and safety.

An Enchanted World of Fantastic Figures

Explore our world of fantastic figurines, perfect for stimulating children's imaginations and encouraging learning through play. Each figurine - from the majestic phoenix, to the shy princess, to the terrifying faceless horseman - is carefully selected for its educational interest and aesthetic appeal, as well as its ability to inspire endless stories.

Play and Learn with Bilboquet and our selection of fantasy figurines

The fantasy figures on offer are not just toys, but tools that help children develop their creativity and social skills through play. Join us on an adventure where play and learning magically meet.

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Papo's werewolf transforms in spite of himself on full moon nights. Half-man with his blue shorts and his lively eyes and half-wolf with his big ears, his legs with long claws and his body covered with hair, he tries to break the spell. Can you tame it?

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With the figurines from the enchanted world, discover a universe of magic where princesses travel on the back of pegasus and where fairies rub shoulders with forest elves.

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The blonde-haired Princess Papo dressed in her elegant pink and blue ball gown, which was adorned with jewels to match her necklace and tiara. With her little heels, admired by all, it is she who will open the ball with her prince charming.