Comforters are the ideal companions for your baby on its wonderful journey around the world.

Soft, cuddly and comforting, these comforters are carefully made from high quality materials either in GOTS certified organic cotton like the Kikadu collection or in organic cotton like the Ecofriendly range by Lilliputiens. All these delicate and pleasant textures are designed to provide a tactile experience from birth.

Specially designed to reassure, during his first year of life, the baby will discover a precious ally to help him fall asleep peacefully. Moulin Roty's flat comforter can be fitted with a dummy clip system. Musical comforters will help your baby fall asleep in all circumstances and in all places, such as Koco the Koala in the jungle by Moulin Roty.

Soft toys are also faithful playmates. Their attractive designs, bright colours and simple shapes will stimulate your toddler's senses and curiosity while also encouraging motor skills. With Lilliputiens' activity cuddly toys or Moulin Roty's Paulie's Adventures sensory toys, he will develop his senses: clicking or crackling noises, mirror, teething ring...

With Lapinoo by Kaloo, he will love his animals with big ears, his arms and legs that are easy to grasp... With doll comforters such as the Tendresse collection, your child will cuddle, imagine games or simply these comforters will become real childhood friends.

Come and choose from our large collection of comforters and give your little one the one that will share his daily life and with which he will create strong and lasting emotional bonds... Ideal as a birth gift.

A tip: Think about buying a duplicate comforter, this will avoid inconsolable grief. Practical in case of loss or forgetfulness !

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Chamallow will melt all hearts with its cute little face and its extremely soft fur. Its very soft body and its small paws are perfect hand-holds for little hands. This puppet is perfect for playing interactive games with your baby, and its extra-soft belly is perfect for snuggling up to. It makes him the perfect companion for your baby. Its trendy blue bandana, emblem of "Les Amis de Kaloo" collection, gives him a nice and trendy touch! This 24 cm puppet cat can be used to play with baby from birth.