Play puzzle games and puzzles with Bilboquet. Teach your child to be patient with these games especially designed for all ages and generations. You will find here many puzzles and puzzle games that will please your child for sure.

Among other things, you can opt for Cache Noisettes, a puzzle game that is played alone or the game Alert! Asteroids, a puzzle game that is also played solo. You will also find The Three Little Pigs, a puzzle game that will surely please little ones.

Bilboquet does not do things in half measure, you have here a variety of puzzles and puzzles of all kinds.

You will also find the Tangoes Paradox magnetic travel game or the Aquatic World. Little girls will particularly like the Sleeping Beauty puzzle game or the IQ-Link, an evolutionary logic game.

In addition to their playfulness, puzzle games and puzzle games stimulate the development of your child's brain. Bilboquet has created a section in which you can discover lots of games that will help your child flourish. Good discovery !

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Find what’s lost on the busy beach!

Summertime... people are relaxing in the sun and kids are playing in the sand.... But on a busy beach, it’s easy to get lost. Can you help the children find a path to their friends and beach toys without stepping on someone?
Puzzle Beach is a travel game with 5 magnetic puzzle pieces and 48 challenges from easy to expert... Enjoy the summertime!

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Get the caterpillars into shape!

Three hungry caterpillars want to eat from the same apple. Can you bend them into shape so that they all can fit ? This logic game requires flexible thinking! The caterpillars are adjustable…and so is the apple game board !

With 60 challenges from easy to expert, Apple Twist offers plenty of food for thought !

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Follow the arrows. Find the solution

Follow the arrows. Find the solution. IQ Arrows offers a whole new direction...in puzzle games ! Can you place all the puzzle pieces on the gameboard and point the arrows as indicated in your challenge ? Watch out! When you rotate a puzzle piece, the direction of the arrows will change.

IQ Arrows is a unique travel game featuring 120 challenges, from easy to expert.

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Fire up your cannons... and your brains!

Can you navigate your ships to bring the enemy into the line of fi re and sink his ships? Or will you keep the peace and avoid total war? Fire up your cannons - and your brains - to find out! Pirates Crossfire offers 4 playing modes and includes 80 challenges (20 in each mode).