Costumes and makeup for kids

Discover our selection of costumes and make-up: Let your child's imagination soar

Our range of fancy dress and make-up for children is designed to inspire and excite. From our shop in Vannes to your home, we offer products that combine originality, quality and safety.

Disguises for Girls and Boys: Explore, Imagine, Become

We offer a wide selection of fancy dress for girls and boys of all ages. Whether it's for festive occasions like Halloween or birthdays, or just for everyday fun and games, our costumes turn ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures. From superheroes to princesses, discover costumes that captivate and stimulate children's creativity.

Party Make-up for Children : Safe and easy to use

Our selection of make-up is specially formulated to be safe and easy to use, allowing your children to transform into their favourite characters without worry. Perfect for completing any costume, our make-up will help your child realise their dream of becoming a pirate, fairy, or whatever they want to be.

Learning through Play: A Philosophy

Our costumes and make-up aren't just fun, they're educational too. They encourage children to explore, solve problems and develop self-confidence through play.