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Discover our Textile Children's Books: Awaken and Inspire at All Ages

At Bilboquet, a play and toy specialist since 1991, we believe that learning through play is essential at every stage of life. Our selection of textile learning books fits perfectly with this philosophy, offering originality, quality, safety, innovation and educational value.

Sensory Books for Babies: Tactile and Visual Exploration

Sensory books for babies are designed to stimulate your little ones' senses from their very first months. With a variety of textures, bright colours and interactive elements, they encourage tactile and visual discovery, contributing to harmonious development.

Advantages of cloth books for babies

Our fabric books for babies are chosen for their high quality and their ability to stand the test of time and curious little hands. In addition to their incomparable softness, these books offer unrivalled security, with no small detachable parts. And because they're washable, they're a durable and hygienic companion for your child.

Activities with Children's Fabric Books

Incorporating cloth books into your child's daily activities opens the door to a world of playful learning. Whether through interactive stories that stimulate the imagination or educational games integrated into the pages, each book is an invitation to play and learn while having fun.

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Soft Book Rabbit. Age suggestion: 6m+. Size: 12x12x4 cm