Welcome to the construction section of Bilboquet! Here you will find all kinds of construction games for all children, whatever their age. From large bricks for small hands to small bricks for the more experienced, our selections of building games will not fail to please you.

Building games stimulate the creativity and skill of children. Each child can indeed build according to his own free will, or assemble the parts according to the models. For example, you will find the GeoSphere in the GeoSmart box with 31 pieces to assemble.

With construction games from Bilboquet, there is something for all tastes and all ages. From a young age, your toddler can use his hands to assemble the big building blocks. For example, you can opt for My First Magnetic Animal Farm. As the games progress, he will become more adroit and will be able to develop his fine motor skills.

Step by step, it will move to more complex building games, with more parts, and smaller sizes. Help your little one to build more complex elements on various themes that fascinate him. If your child has a penchant for vehicles, you can opt for the Space Truck in the 42-piece GeoSmart box.

By playing these building games, your child deploys skill, creativity, and ingenuity at any age.

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Vrooom vrooom vrooom!

Get ready for 4 cool trucks : a fire truck, a dump truck, a concrete mixer & a tow truck. My First Vehicles do drive super fast and will quickly become the favorite trucks of your little one !