Cubes, embedding, puzzles

At their age, toddlers prefer to stack objects. Fall for our multi-pattern stack cubes and make baby happy. You'll find Forest cubes, funny pyramid cubes, walking cubes, etc. If you want to introduce your child to the different animals that exist, choose Topanifarm cubes and animals to stack.

This section of embedding articles will help your child in his learning and psychomotor development. From a young age, your little one can unconsciously retain several useful information before entering kindergarten. You can for example familiarize it with numbers and letters thanks to the embedding puzzles.

In addition, you can choose from our wooden recessed items. You will find the wooden jigsaw puzzle Animals and figures or the puzzle embedded in wood small animals of the farm. Since baby likes very contrasting and colorful images, the design of the items has been adapted to this.

As far as safety is concerned, you have nothing to fear. The materials and shapes of the objects have been specially designed to ensure the safety of babies.

Make your little one happy by offering these little recesses and stacking games. You will have a wide selection of articles in our section cubes, embedding, puzzles.