It is in his room that a child spends most of his time. It goes without saying that his space must be as comfortable and warm as possible for him. Thus, each piece of furniture and each object of deco that you choose for its room are important. Comfort begins with a good bed first. With its slatted frame, this Haba bed guarantees a peaceful night for your little one. To optimize your choice you can also take the Haba mattress. Succumb to this Sleeping Beauty Bed that will make your youngest princess happy. If you want to teach your child the art of storing, do not forget to browse through our various storage items. You can choose between a toy box or a shelf to spread his toys and soft toys. Would you like him to have fun while doing his homework? Find a nice desk decorated for him or her. Bilboquet offers other types of furniture in this section. Take a look and add some pep and some magic to your little one's room.

For your child, his room is his kingdom. He resorts to it, does his homework, learns his lessons, receives his friends and is full of imaginations. Discover in the heading furniture various furniture and decorative accessories which correspond to the tastes and the age of your child.