Doll house

To fill your little princess, give her a gift she will not forget. Choose from the different doll houses proposed by Bilboquet for a special event.

Your little girl loves to have fun with her pretty dolls? At Bilboquet, we offer a multitude of doll houses adapted to all tastes and desires. To teach him already to arrange his room properly, go for The children's room - Petit Home by Djeco. This collection consists of two single beds with their bedding, a table and a stool. Your little girl will have something to look after while already learning the basics of the layout of a room. In the same vein, the brand also puts at your disposal The kitchen - Small Home. Equipped with a fridge, a gas stove, a sink and various kitchen accessories, your child will learn to fend for themselves.

To introduce your little girl to the art of storage, Little Friends offers her collection of Spring Cleaning - Accessories for doll houses. This product includes a mini-vacuum cleaner, a broom, a shovel and a garbage bin. Your little one will be able to practice now cleaning and storage in his little wonderful world.