Creative activities

With our wide selection of toys in the section "creative hobbies", you will be in the embarrassment of choosing between these items for children. You will see here small accessories that will help your little one to develop his creativity and to arouse his curiosity. Like all little ones of her age, your little one likes to scribble on his face, on his hands or even on the walls. Relax, Bilboquet offers stickers with several motifs that he can put on his face. With the Bird Tattoo face sticker or tattoos from Lily's jewelry, your child will be thrilled. And all this, without risking getting dirty or dirtying everything in its path.

If your child prefers coloring, cutting or folding type Origami initiation design by Marianne, you will find his happiness in this section. Amaze your child and surprise him with our wide selection of scratch cards. We also offer imitation toys such as Gourmet Chef's Kitchen. Your child will be able to wake up the little cook who sleeps in him. If you want to have a moment of complicity with him, opt for assembly toys. You will be able to help your child for the assembly. We invite you to visit our section of creative hobbies, and optimize the creative development of your child by choosing the toy that will please him.