Award games "Expert"

Award-winning games are awards that recognize games for their innovation, playability, creation, originality, with well-researched rules and beautiful presentation.

The Spiels des Jahres is the most prestigious award. It has existed since 1978 and the jury is made up of journalists and professionals working in the world of games. It is recognized around the world.

The ace d'Or is the prize awarded at the Cannes Games Festival. It has existed since 1988 and the jury is made up of specialized journalists and professionals in the gaming world. This award for the best 'Expert' game rewards a more complex game intended for an 'expert' audience who appreciates reflection and does not afraid to read a few pages of rules.

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Embark on space and try to be the first to discover the ninth planet!

The Crew is a cooperative trick game featuring 50 missions.

Each player will have to collect the tricks that are requested of him while helping his teammates to win theirs.

Beware: you are not allowed to speak.

Includes a variant for 2 players.

Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020

As d'Or 2021