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Welcome to the wonderful world of play dolls at Bilboquet Toys and Games! Our varied selection will delight children of all ages and their parents. With dolls for children ranging from fabric dolls to plastic dolls, we have everything needed to encourage imagination and creative play.

Why choose our dolls?

Our interactive dolls and realistic dolls offer a unique and educational play experience. Each doll is designed to stimulate imagination and promote the development of children's social and emotional skills. Our educational dolls are perfect for little ones who love to learn while having fun.

A range suitable for all ages

We have dolls suitable for every stage of childhood. Whether for the little ones with our first age dolls or for older children with our dolls from 3 years old, each toy is selected to offer safety and fun.

  • Dolls from 18 months: Soft and safe companions for the youngest.
  • Dolls from 2 years: Ideal for role-playing and imagination.
  • Dolls from 3 years: For even bigger and more varied adventures.

Trusted brands

At Bilboquet, we offer dolls from renowned brands such as Corolle, Kaloo, and Moulin Roty. Our collector's dolls are also a wonderful choice for lovers of exceptional toys.

Accessories and sets

Complete the play experience with our doll accessories. Adorable outfits, doll beds, strollers, and much more are available to enrich your children's imaginary world.

Our best-sellers

Why choose Bilboquet Toys and Games?

At Bilboquet, we are passionate about play and children's development. Our products are carefully selected for their quality, safety, and ability to inspire joy and creativity. Join us in this playful and educational adventure with our play dolls!

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Mademoiselle Rose is an adorable, refined and couture rag doll.

Madame Rose and her friends, Parisians at the forefront of fashion, take you for an afternoon in the magical streets of Paris… What elegance! The boxes, designed as gift boxes, were illustrated by Lucille Michieli and offer a whole universe of poetry, with fresh and delicate pencil drawings. Flowers, animals and ribbons are hidden on all sides.

Also discover her friends Constance, Eglantine, Cerise, Blanche, Colette, Agathe and Héloïse.

Height 26cm
Wash at 30 ° wool cycle. No tumble dryer