Baby universe

Welcome to the baby universe! Looking for a gift for your little one? Get inspired by our wide selection of gift ideas in our Baby Universe section.

Whether it's to help prepare for the baby's arrival, or the little one is already there, we have a wide selection of baby gift accessories. Items like cozy blankets, bibs, baby bottles, and washable diapers are great ideas.

Pamper your little one after bathing with bath caps and bathrobes of all kinds. The health booklet pads are also great for parents. Practical, these accessories are particularly useful for parents who host their very first baby.

Experience your evening stories in a different way with a story lamp that is both practical and fun. Rock your child with the different music boxes and musical balls. Revolutionary cradle-swinging cradles will also rock your baby gently.

Make the first baby meal a magical moment by choosing the cutlery for children of our selection. Here you will find a wide range of choices of bowls, suction cup bowls, various plates, as well as pretty melamine spoons. You will also find oilcloth bibs, beautifully decorated with cheerful patterns.

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Chamallow will melt all hearts with its cute little face and its extremely soft fur. Its very soft body and its small paws are perfect hand-holds for little hands. This puppet is perfect for playing interactive games with your baby, and its extra-soft belly is perfect for snuggling up to. It makes him the perfect companion for your baby. Its trendy blue bandana, emblem of "Les Amis de Kaloo" collection, gives him a nice and trendy touch! This 24 cm puppet cat can be used to play with baby from birth.