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Textile early-learning toys for babies: Discover our selection.

Since 1991, Bilboquet, a recognised specialist in games and leisure activities, has been inviting you to explore our selection of textile early-learning toys for babies.

The benefits of textile toys for your child's development

Textile learning toys are carefully chosen for their ability to enrich baby's development. Not only do they offer a rich texture for touching, but their safe and educational design encourages learning through play. These toys awaken children's natural curiosity and help them make their first sensory and motor discoveries.

Our commitment to innovation and educational quality

We select our textile educational toys on the basis of their educational value and originality. We work closely with a host of local and international manufacturers to offer you products that respect both the environment and the strictest safety standards.

Explore our range of textile learning toys now and give your child the gift of fun and enriching learning. Bilboquet, your preferred partner for playing at all ages and learning while having fun.

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Squeaker cactus. Age suggestion: 3m+. Measurements : 19x14x3 cm