Physical-skill games

Animating a birthday party is sometimes the obstacle course. Not anymore ! With Bilboquet, you'll find something to keep kids busy at a birthday party or at recess. Find here lots of ideas that will surely appeal to little ones.

There is nothing better than skill games to showcase each player's dexterity. You can choose the corkscrew crossbow, a wooden toy or the Space Wonder gyroscope. You will also find in this section the timeless magnetic darts.

For outdoor games, opt for the Tualoop ring or the 25-year-old Bilboquet wooden collector. Here you will also find the gymnastics tape that helps your child develop his small muscles.

Stimulate the concentration, reflex, dexterity and attention of children with the skill games of Bilboquet. Opt for example the RollerBall Classic, the gyroscopic ball, the bowling game or the classic Jakari in solid beech.

Discover the pleasure of playing traditional games with your child. Bilboquet also puts the game of skill shooting Pirates Ball, complete shuffleboard or shuffleboard, the traditional family game timeless. You will also find croquet games for 6 players or for 4 players.

Animate your parties and promote the dexterity of your children with the games of skill of Bilboquet. Discover without further delay articles in the game of skill games.