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This 3-headed dog with a dragon tail is the guardian of the gates of the underworld. Its fiery fur and sharp fangs deter anyone from approaching the dead. Don't doubt it, it also spits fire, will you be able to tame it?

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Dressed in his black cape, his head covered with his hood, a silver mask on his face... who is hiding behind the Faceless Horseman? Always accompanied by his black steed with silver chains, do not be fooled by appearances, both may have the mission to fight for good and scare away the forces of evil.

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Papo's werewolf transforms in spite of himself on full moon nights. Half-man with his blue shorts and his lively eyes and half-wolf with his big ears, his legs with long claws and his body covered with hair, he tries to break the spell. Can you tame it?

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The ice dragon is a legendary creature that cannot leave you indifferent. With its body covered in icy blue scales and its wings outstretched, it spews ice crystals to petrify the enemy.

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