Card Games

The card games are essential to spend a good evening with friends or family. Bilboquet has concocted a selection of card games that will surely please you. Young and old alike will find happiness among our wide range of card game choices.

The game of 7 families is definitely one of the most popular games, whether on vacation, Sunday afternoon, or when you simply get bored. Here you will find the Family Farm - Game of 7 families, the Familou - Game of 7 cooperative families, the Mini Nature - Game of 7 families of the little ones (cards) and the Game of 7 families What a family! Toddlers.

Here you will also find strategy games to brainstorm all participants. Between the Vice & Versa - Observation game, the wet Chicken! - Calculus and tactics game, Roach poker Strategy and bluff game, Skull SILVER Bluff game, etc. the choice is wide! Bilboquet also offers card games for two players such as the Catan Duel - Card Game for 2 players.