Give free rein to your child's imagination with Bilboquet's toys.

Tell stories, make characters talk, invent and reinvent a whole world with toys in this section. Stimulate your baby's creativity and imagination with the toys offered in this section. You will find for example the Queen of Ice, a figurine of the enchanted world or the princess to the cat, a figurine Papo, which will certainly please little girls. The silver siren will also make the girls happy.

Creative hobbies allow young and old to bring their imagination and creativity to life. Your little one has a thing for animals? Opt for the camel figure of bactria, the cheetah running, the horse in armor ... You will also find the gray wolf, the rattlesnake, the baby polar bear, the merino sheep, and the mandarin duck.

Immerse yourself in the world of pirates with the Bilboquet miniatures. The little boys will love Djambo and Big Boom by Arty Toys Pirates, the Teutonic knight of medieval figures, or even Poulpus.

Whether it is to liven up a birthday party or simply to have fun at home, these fantasy toys will surely please your toddler.