Storage solutions

Toy boxes and storage bins, ideal solutions for children's bedrooms.

Managing space in children's bedrooms can often be a real challenge for parents. Between the toys, books, clothes and countless little treasures that our children accumulate, finding effective and aesthetic storage solutions is essential.

At Bilboquet, we offer 2 solutions:

- Toy boxes

- Storage bins/boxes

As you probably know, toy boxes are a timeless feature of any child's bedroom. They offer great storage capacity for all kinds of toys, but they can also be used as a bench for some of them, giving them a dual function. They come in all styles, from classic wooden chests to more modern, colourful versions. When it comes to safety, the models are fitted with special hinges to prevent fingers being pinched.

Storage bins and boxes, meanwhile, are often made from soft materials with rounded edges, to avoid any risk of injury. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours, as well as cute designs such as a fox or toucan. They can be stacked or inserted into special shelves, making it easier to organise and access toys and other necessities.