Flat comforters

The flat comforter, a must-have birth gift idea for your little one !

Usually baby's first comforter, the flat comforter helps him to feel secure and soothed. Knotted at each corner, it fits easily into your newborn's little hands, allowing him to explore his sense of touch. Very often, you will find a fabric to attach he dummy once it's knotted.

Rectangular or animal-shaped, these soft toys are made from soft materials or organic cotton, perfectly suited to babies' sensitive skin.

Practical, aesthetic and poetic at the sam time, the flat comforter is an excellent choice for parants looking for something soft and comforting for their little one...An ideal companion in the event of a big sorrow or just for a cuddle !

Bilboquet Jeux et Jouets offers a wide range of flat cuddly toys in a variety of shapes and textures, including Rabbit, Cat, Sheep, Rhinoceros and Dragon!

Choose from our quality brands such as Moulin Roty, Lilliputiens, Kaloo and Kikadu to find the perfect companion for baby's walks or sweet dreams !