Musical instruments

Discover our selection of musical instruments for children aged 12 to 36 months.

Choosing an instrument from our selection means opting for originality, quality and educational value, values that we have cherished for over 31 years.

Develop your child's musical ear from an early age

Our range of musical instruments for toddlers is designed to awaken their senses, encourage their cognitive development and provide hours of fun. With well-known brands such as Djeco, Janod, and Baby Einstein, and a variety of instruments from colourful maracas to soft xylophones, every choice is a gateway to adventure and learning.

Find the perfect gift

Browse our site to find the perfect gift that will get your child singing and dancing. Explore our Animambo collection for vibrant, joyful designs or opt for softness and serenity with the After the Rain collection. Each piece tells a story, each note played is a memory created.