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Les homards sont une famille de crustacés appartenant à la tribu des arthropodes . Les homards se trouvent partout dans le monde, tant en eau douce qu'en eau salée., de crabes morts et de vers. Sa durée de vie peut être de 7 ans.

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The shrimp is an aquatic crustacean that has 5 pairs of legs without hooks but whose cilia facilitate swimming. It is elongated with a carapace and a head that supports highly developed antennae and mandibles. Omnivorous, it lives among the algae on the sandy bottom and feeds on plankton, fish, dead crabs and worms. Its lifespan can be 7 years.

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Papo's leopard shark has a spotted dress like that of the leopard. It usually lives glued to the sandy bottoms of coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific oceans. An active swimmer, it feeds mainly on molluscs and crustaceans. This large, rather peaceful and not very shy fish is not aggressive to humans.

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Papo's Hermit Crab is a crustacean found on the European Atlantic coasts. Its soft body needs to be protected from predators hence the need for a mollusc shell adapted to its size on its back. It moves with its five pairs of legs, the first of which has two claws. However, he is far from being a hermit because he likes community life and eats everything he finds.