Dolls, Dollhouse and Plush

Everyone knows that toys are an indispensable part of a child's everyday life. It's almost impossible for a child to spend a whole day. This is why Bilboquet offers these items that will surely please your little one. With our selection of dolls, stuffed animals, fashion and accessories, little girls will be served. You will be able to offer them our fantastic jewels including the Jessy Pink or Fuchsia Ring. We also have a wide selection of stickers for the ears or nails. As dolls are popular with little girls, Bilboquet is pleased to offer you a wide range of choices. Discover our different dolls all beautiful and stylish as each other. If you want to awaken the creative mind of your child, opt for these various dollhouse accessories. Your child will be more than happy to create his own little world. Apart from their playfulness, these toys already contribute to the learning of toddlers. They will be able to learn the meaning of creativity, of responsibility too. If you want to find the perfect gift for your child, browse the articles in our section of dolls, stuffed animals, fashion and accessories.