First toys

With our event games you can learn while having fun. The toys offered in this section are above all fun. These event sets are also specified to meet your child's sense and event stimulation needs.

At once colorful, luminous and musical, the awakening toys such as the mills with stimulating music the motor skills and the natural curiosity of the child. In wood, fabric, natural material ... you will find here toys suitable for children of all ages.

Here you will find toys of all shapes such as walking trolleys, bath toys such as bath balls, wooden toys, as well as pulling and stacking toys. These awakening toys accompany your little ones daily in their development.

Complementary to each other, children's event toys promote learning to walk, talk and balance. Depending on the age of the child, you will react.

Highly appreciated by children and parents, early learning toys help to ensure the safety and comfort of children. Toy manufacturers make a point of ensuring that each toy meets international safety standards. Go through the toys section and find the toy you like.