Welcome to the board games section. Games of atmosphere, strategy games, cooperation games, logic games, address ... The whole family will find its account in this section. You have everything to gain. By playing these various board games, small children and young people will be more willing to comply with the rules. Little by little, your little ones will understand that they can not win all the time. By playing these board games, each child will develop his ability to memorize and observe his logic and his address. You will find for example the three little pigs, a puzzle game. You will also find various card games like Piou Piou, Piratatak, Sardines, a visual memory game, and many more. You can also choose traditional games such as the 18 sets of strings. The older ones can pass on their knowledge to the little ones. Board games bring together all generations. Find here also play games and learning games such as the wacky race of field mice. Discover the games of the old times to your child with the 66 songs and rhymes of our childhood

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