Baby care

Sometimes during meals, baby can be a little difficult. Let your little one discover the pleasure of eating by offering them these plates and baby spoons. For example, you will find the Mustache tableware set. The animal-shaped and colorful motifs distract him and the meal will be better.

During your small outings in the pool or even at home use one of these embroidered bathing capes for your child. If you want to customize your choice, you can engrave the name of your little end. We offer you a wide range of colors and bath cape patterns: pink or blue or whatever you choose.

Your child may also be reluctant to visit the doctor. Reassure him and play the distraction card. Opt for one of these health book covers with several designs to choose from and the name of your little engraved on it. He will be able to choose himself the image that he prefers: whether it be Meome to the bird or the Puss in Boots. He will be more confident and serene during the next jumps at the doctor.

If you are looking for little trinkets for your toddler, this section is for you. Browse our wide range of toiletries and baby meals and please your child.