Personalized items

Personalised items for children: Backpacks, schoolbags and health book covers with embroidered first names.

In the vast world of nursery decoration and accessories for the very young, personalised items have a special place. At Bilboquet, we are committed to offering products that combine utility, aesthetics and personalisation. Backpacks with embroidered first names, made-to-measure schoolbags and personalised health book covers for babies are perfect examples. These items are not just practical; they are also unique gifts that accompany children in their development and awakening to the world.

Here are the benefits of these 3 personalised items in detail:

Personalised backpacks: everyday companions for adventure

Personalised backpacks for children are much more than just accessories. By embroidering the child's name on them, these bags become unique adventure companions that children cherish and wear proudly. Whether for school, outings or travel, these made-to-measure backpacks offer an invaluable personal touch.

Schoolbags with embroidered first names: Tailor-made for back-to-school

Schoolbags are an essential part of any child's school kit. By offering satchels with embroidered first names, we give children the opportunity to have a school accessory that is properly assigned to them. This facilitates identification and reduces the risk of loss, while adding a touch of originality.
Personalised health book covers for babies: a treasure trove of well-being

The health record is a precious document in the life of a baby and its parents.

Personalised health book covers for babies don't just protect this document; they transform it into a unique keepsake. With the child's first name embroidered on it, every visit to the doctor becomes an opportunity to remember the important stages in the child's development.