Games to throw

Children 1-3 years old like to roll a ball, throw everything they have at their fingertips and drop their spoons, etc. Do not panic, Bilboquet comes to your rescue with this section dedicated to throwing games. For the little ones, you can opt for the soft balloon Once upon a time, the ball rabbit darling or the ball Savannah.

You will find here all the games designed to pamper your child with games to throw 100% fun. You can opt for the Totem balloon or the superhero balloon, the apple balloon or the happy forest balloon.

For the older ones, you'll find here planes to assemble like the Styro plane. You can also opt for the Technic boomerangs, Spin Racer boomerang, Skyblader or the Gili Meno Boomerang.

Boys have a soft spot for anything to do with aviation. Have fun with the gliders of the topic. The glider of the brand Terra Kids will be sure to please. The glider Airglider 40 yellow and red will not fail to please your little one.

For your outdoor games, opt for the Butterflies football ball, or the soft balloon Mustaches.

Bilboquet offers many games to throw that will make your child happy. Browse the section and choose the articles you like.

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