More than toys, the articles in our section are particularly aimed at promoting the development of children. Reflection is one of the most important abilities in life. Highlight the practical meaning and intelligence of your child with the various games of reflection proposed by Bilboquet. You will find here all kinds of games of reflection for children which the hazel mask of the mark Smart Games which is played only. Little girls will fall for the Sleeping Beauty puzzle game.

You will also find various construction games such as the faltering nest building game Kikou the cuckoo. For more fun in your family moments, you can also opt for the game of memory and atmosphere Face of goat or the game of 7 families Cooperative Familou.

To promote the development of your child, go for the game chickens are on the move with 48 challenges.

To help your child become more autonomous and use his or her neurons, there is nothing better than brain games, memory games and strategy games. Bilboquet has selected the best games and has grouped them in this section. Good discovery !