Berg Favorit Regular 430 + Safety Net Comfort

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Can't stop bouncing on your trampoline? No problem !

The BERG Favorit 430 trampoline on legs with Deluxe protective net guarantees years of fun, hardly wears out and requires little maintenance. This trampoline has been designed with great care and attention. This is why the Favorit is a safe trampoline of excellent quality. The protective net allows both children and adults to trampoline safely.

  • Equipped with GoldSpring Solo springs for even more fun while jumping.
  • Only with the black Favorits, the frame feet are galvanized and additionally black powder coated.
  • A protective cushion that lasts even longer thanks to the PVC top and bottom layers.
  • The upper and lower layers of the protective pad are made of thick PVC.
  • A very good value for money.
  • The protective net is of good quality, with an entrance that closes by itself and with a recognizable strap and uprights covered with solid foam. Even safer!
  • The trampoline and net are very sturdy, thanks to the solid construction, the steel attachments and the mounting parts.

Ref. Model Diam Nbe of springs Entrance height Max load Max weight user* Main rail tube Protective cushion
Diameter Thickness Thickness Width
35073300 Favorit 200 200 cm 36 60 cm 250 kg 50 kg 38,5 mm  1,5 mm 20 mm  380 mm
35093300 Favorit 270 270 cm 64 70 cm 350 kg 70 kg 38,5 mm 1,5 mm  20 mm  380 mm
35113300 Favorit 330 330 cm 72 85 cm 500 kg 100kg 42 mm 2 mm 20 mm 380 mm
35129401 Favorit 380 380 cm 80 90 cm 550 kg 110 kg 42 mm 2 mm 20 mm 380 mm
35149401 Favorit 430 430 cm 80 96 cm 600 kg 120 kg 42 mm 2 mm 20 mm 380 mm

*To preserve your trampoline and ensure its durability, make sure to respect the "max. user weight" indicated in the table above. Indeed, the springs are sized to ensure optimal jumping quality for children. Other brands choose higher maximum weights, but this is generally to the detriment of the quality of rebound (too stiff springs = difficult jumps and rapid fatigue of the user). Note that "max user weight" and "max load." are two different things: BERG trampolines support very heavy loads!


The Berg 430 Gray Levels trampoline:

The BERG Levels trampolines were developed in collaboration with primary school teachers.

The result is an innovative game that encourages children to learn and develop while having fun. Children like to play together, but several people jumping on the same trampoline at the same time is not recommended.

The BERG Levels game allows children to play together, with only one child on the trampoline and one or more outside the trampoline, using the balls. Children can play alone or with others and improve their jumping technique, memory and math skills.

Fun basic games that become a challenging workout. The BERG Levels trampolines are equipped with three soft foam balls and a life-size platform on the trampoline for active play in any garden.

Discover more information and details on the different games on the link below:

Trampoline Berg version levels (PDF of explanations)

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