List of products by brand Petitcollin

Petitcollin was founded in 1860 and is based in Etain (Meuse). The company has acquired great expertise in the manufacture of dolls and the result is a beautiful collection still appreciated by children.
It was in 1898 that Petitcollin began using celluloid for its various products. It is generally believed that Petitcollin started making toys in 1901 and that of his dolls in 1907. In 1901, Petitcollin first used his trademark Eagle Head.
The manufacture of Petitcollin dolls was relaunched in 1995 and still produces unique dolls today.
Everyone knows the famous doll "Petitcollin" with his locks of hair on his forehead, his almond eyes, his turned up nose and his little mouth; half serious - half smiling. This baby of a few months was developed around 1924. It will be the fabulous creation of the company. This model is still manufactured today, but it is now made from polythene.
Petitcollin continues to make dolls in a traditional way. Guests are invited to visit the factory and the Petitcollin museum to see the dolls made.