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Team Up ! -...

Team Up ! - Cooperative and tactile game



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Age: 7 + years
Dimensions: Box 12 x 24 x 11,5 cm
Authors: Hadi Barkat
Co-author : Sébastien Pauchon
Illustrators: Katie Burk, Florian, Felix, Lucas
Players: 1 to 4 players
Duration of play: 20 minutes
Contents : 1 fabric storage bag, 1 wooden pallet, 28 wooden pieces, 36 cards, 1 rule of the game multilingual.

Team Up ! - Cooperative and tactile game

Team UP!, a cooperative and hands-on game that will have you wrapped-up in no time. The concept is simple. Stack boxes on a pallet.

The goal: to stack them as compactly as you possibly can. And to add to the fun, cards allow you to play the same sequence of boxes over again and improve on your score.

The perfect solution does exist, but will you find it? Pull on your boiler suit and get ready to rack your brain.

The goal of the game
Team UP is a cooperative game: you are not opponents, you are partners. The goal is to stack the boxes on the pallet as compactly as possible. The more full layers you stack, the more points you win. A perfect pallet is worth exactly 25 points.
Helvetiq 99575
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