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Discover the world of fairytales with Lunii's Octave headphones: immersive sound for little ears eager for adventure!

The Octave headphones, developed by Lunii, are the perfect ally for the ears of children aged 3 to 8. Its design takes into account the hearing sensitivity of the youngest listeners, limiting the sound volume to 85 dB in compliance with regulations. So your children can immerse themselves in their favourite stories without any risk to their hearing, promoting safe and healthy listening.

The major innovation of Octave headphones is their dual jack, allowing two headsets to be connected to the same storyteller. This feature encourages sharing and group listening between siblings or friends, transforming the listening experience into a moment of complicity.

The Octave headphones are designed to accompany your child on all his adventures. Foldable, they are easy to store and transport, whether in a rucksack or a suitcase, making stories accessible anywhere. What's more, with the Lunii stickers included, your child can personalise his helmet, making it unique and in his image, stimulating his creativity and sense of ownership.

Made from robust materials, Octave headphones are designed to withstand your child's sometimes energetic handling. Its soft, adjustable ear cushions guarantee prolonged listening comfort, without discomfort or fatigue.So young listeners can escape into their favourite storytelling worlds for hours on end, in complete peace of mind.

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