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Luxus Unicycle

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Diameter :

QU-AX have put all of their experience in the "Luxus", making it a fully developed, well-thought-out product.

Besides upper class materials and ergonomic aspects which they have taken much care of, the Luxus unicycle comes with a second, shorter seatpost. This way, Daddy does not have to shorten the seatpost when you start unicycling. In the beginning, simply mount the 200 mm seatpost. Later, when this one will be too small, simply take the 350 mm version which comes with your Luxus, too. That way - you need not have to buy a second, new seatpost.

The day you want to start making tricks, you will also get to like the flatcrown-fork and the tough handle which allows you to do lots of freestyle-tricks.

Technical details for QU-AX Luxus 20":
- flatcrownfork with two-piece dropout, powdercoated
- aluminium rim 36 holes
- square taper hub, black, 36 holes
- 114 mm steel cranks
- two component pedals with big surface and antislip insert
- 20"x1.95" tyre
- aluminium quick release
- 350mm seatpost, diamond knurled (prevents twisting) Ø 25,4mm, steel
- a second 200mm seatpost for small beginners
- solid, well cushioned and ergonomic saddle with robust baseplate and handle.

About the saddle:
On a unicycle, the saddle is even more important than on a bicycle. Since it is more an instrument of control and you spend more time on the saddle when riding a unicycle than on a bike.

The Luxus unicycle comes with a cushion made of several layers for more comfort, changeable bumpers, a handle in the front and massive nuts fixing the bumpers.

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