Zenda the master of stress - Placote

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Zenda: The Stress Master is designed to help children ages 7-14 develop their understanding of stress and the ability to deal with it in different situations. The game also makes them realize that stress is a healthy and useful reaction, different for each person.
Cooperative course game in which players must answer questions and complete "Zen challenges" to advance Zenda the panda on a course leading to a temple. The panda must arrive at the temple before the ninja, who represents stress.

Stress management game comprising 90 question cards divided into 2 levels of difficulty. Level 1 questions focus on different aspects of stress (how it works, its usefulness, ways to deal with it, etc.), while level 2 questions offer scenarios in which a child aged 10 and over can easily recognize each other: an oral presentation, a change of school, an argument, an exam, a competition, etc.


• 1 game board with a 3D temple
• 90 question cards (2 levels of difficulty)
• 40 zen cards
• 36 travel cards
• 2 pawns (Zenda the panda and a ninja)
• 1 memory aid (sensei's message)
• 1 accompanying guide
• The game's rules

Data sheet
A partir de 7 ans
Game type
parcours collectif
Nathalie Laganière
Numbers of players
2 à 6 joueurs
Duration of play
30 min