Jouets à Gogo - strategy game

Jouets à Gogo - strategy game

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You need to put your toys in the most convenient place in your store. The more similar toys you collect, the more coins you will earn. In addition, you can earn special rewards for toy sets, and bonuses for toys of the same type.

Imagine running your own toy store! There's something for everyone: plush unicorns, adorable dolls, flamingo buoys, rockets ... Place your toys in the smartest spot in your store to earn coins.
Players start to create their own store from the cash register. At the end of the game, your store must form a square of 4 tiles by 4 tiles. There are four types of toys in the game. Each type has a specific background and color. In turn, a player performs the following steps - Take one of the four revealed tiles and add it next to another tile in your store. - Earn money for your toys. If, by connecting a tile, you expand one or more colored areas, you earn one coin for each toy in those areas (including toys from the tile you just placed). - When a player has received coins for the placed tile, a new tile is revealed from the stack. It’s the next player’s turn clockwise. The game ends when all the players have created their 4x4 tile store.


• 68 Toy and Cash register tiles
• 45 Ticket tokens
• 16 Reward tokens
• 7 Character silhouettes with support
• 1 score track
• Rules of the game

Data sheet
A partir de 6 ans
Game type
Evgeny Nikitin
Eugenia Smolenceva
Numbers of players
Jusqu'à 4
Duration of play
20 min

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