Feelings Game

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How would you feel if “You find out that you have the option of not getting old”? Happiness ? Surprise? Of fear? And above all, how would others feel? With Feelings, play around your emotions!

Share your emotions, exercise your empathy and discover those around you!

Feelings invites you to express your feelings, to put yourself in the other's shoes and to meet on the track of empathy. Fully cooperative, Feelings is the first game around emotions. Each round, a Situations card is read: it's up to you to secretly choose an emotion among the six arranged around the board. You then try to guess the emotion chosen by another person. This in turn will try to guess the emotion of another, until all your emotions are revealed. The more you guess about other people's emotions, the more you advance on the empathy track! With four variations of suitable situations, Feelings can be played with family, school, friends or in a professional setting linked to childhood or adolescence. So many contexts where emotions have their place! More than a game, Feelings is a journey towards self-discovery, through others, through funny, serious or offbeat situations.

Strong points :

First game around emotions

  • 100% cooperative
  • Already a bestseller!
  • Educational sheet available


  • 1 rulebook
  • 152 Situation cards
  • 48 Vote cards
  • 18 Emotion cards
  • 4 Score cards
  • 1 game board
  • 1 pawn
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A partir de 8 ans
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