List of products by brand L'oiseau bateau

1994, Catherine Nicol and Philippe Lemoine, in couple in the city as on the screen, create the Oiseau Bateau. The story starts in the South of France, in the markets, where the first products, big generous and colorful cushions, the turtle, the snail and the frog already draw the spirit of a brand. A brand that owes its name to the first words of Carla, their daughter, who always wanted to see birds and boats. The adventure then takes the road to Valencia, in the Drôme, where the company and a dozen employees are still today.
All Oiseau Bateau models comply with current safety and quality standards. They produce no articles in China. They select the manufacturers for their know-how, of course, but it is above all a human adventure that is written, in which trust and exchange are the essential ingredients for a lasting collaboration.
It's all about dreams. Stories to sleep for a long time, tales to heroes discreet and laughing, legends stuffed with 100% cotton, night lights as guardians of dreams. The whole creation universe of the Bird Boat comes from the fundamental gaiety and the applied poetry. A world of creation 100% home, since it is Catherine who from the beginning, designs and draws all the collections of the brand, with some fixed ideas: constantly, propose new visions, new approaches, awaken the imagination, trigger dream, be part of dreams, and perhaps leave a trace, star dust that will become a childhood memory ...