Awakening 12-36 months

To offer a toy to your little one is good, but to give him an awakening toy, which will allow him both to awaken his mind and develop his intelligence, it is much better. In fact, some health professionals are actively recommending that parents choose these waking accessories for their children. Bilboquet offers you a wide range of awakening articles for children from 12 to 36 months.

Every opportunity allows the child to learn a little more about his environment and everything around him. In our awakening toys section you will discover fun accessories that your little one can use at any time. Find here the Small Bath Toy Boat, with which you can give it a bath serenely while promoting the learning of balance.

It is usually at this age that children are more sensitive to images, sounds and shapes of objects. Bilboquet then offers you toys that will already allow them to distinguish sounds and cries of some animals, including the animal whistle Animambo or the music mill Les Bambins. You can also awaken the musical spirit of your little one by offering him a musical instrument such as Harmonica Animambo.

Awakening toys will also allow you to see the affinity of your child for certain activities, such as DIY, construction or music for example. Browse our baby toys section from 12 to 36 months and please your baby.

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Vrooom vrooom vrooom!

Get ready for 4 cool trucks : a fire truck, a dump truck, a concrete mixer & a tow truck. My First Vehicles do drive super fast and will quickly become the favorite trucks of your little one !