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Lilliputiens is a passionate story made in Belgium. Created in 1995 by two friends, the brand has made the toy fabric its workhorse. Today, the Lilliputiens family has grown and continues to surprise with its color palettes, games of matter and its universe of wonderfully endearing characters that make children happy. Welcome to a realm of discovery and enlightenment where creativity is king.
If we had to describe Lilliputiens in one word, this one would be "wonder". The magic of hidden surprises, activities that tantalize curiosity, astonish and invite to think ... each game is like an odyssey, a journey of discovery.
In this wonderful world, each toy tells its little story, always funny and fun. The many Lilliputiens mascots each have their own magical universe. Soft materials and hilarious characters will awaken the curiosity of the child, and multiple forms and sounds will invite him each time to venture a little further in his discoveries.
All Lilliputian toys and characters are dressed in a multitude of fabrics. Their creative team of young moms imagines and elaborates each fabric. They draw patterns and choose colors and textures. Thus each character has his own fabric and the child will easily recognize his favorite Lilliputian companion. Your child likes pink balls and flowers, so little elf Liz will soon become her best friend ... Where do you think Simon, the hedgehog who traded his pikes for a soft velvet? Tissue diversity stimulates the senses of toddlers. The touch, the sight, the hearing are each time stimulated and that in the playful way of Lilliputiens.

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The explorer who carries this eco-friendly* satchel at school will join her tribe sporting her finest feathers and all her neat stuff. (*100% recycled PET)

Bags & Luggage "On The Move" by Lilliputiens

The "On the move" collection has been designed to make life easier for our little ones. every detail has been carefully studied so that our toddlers leave the house with maximum comfort.
Decorated with some of the most popular Lilliputian characters, this colorful collection is sturdy, water resistant, adjustable and super easy to clean.

All bags and school bags are waterproof and are equipped with adjustable straps, a chest strap, a coat hook hook and a possibility to add the coordinates of the owner.