Farm Club

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Farm Club is a fast-paced game of placement and optimization. Organize your animals wisely within your farm to complete objectives. On your turn, simply collect an animal and the associated objective. Get ready to face many dilemmas!

The revolt sounded and the animals chased the farmers! But the newfound freedom does not fill the troughs and you have to quickly organize yourself to eat your fill.

Farm Club is an optimization game with simple rules but crucial decisions. In turn, among the prizes (animal + objective) at his disposal, the player chooses the one whose combination best suits his strategy: should he take a sheep or a duck? Where should he be placed on his farm? What new goal seems achievable?

With only 9 rounds of play, Farm Club proves to be fast and constantly requires discernment: each animal, objective or placement influences the final score and it is advisable to use wisely the 2 special actions which allow you to reorganize your farm or to renew the offer of animals and objectives.

Farm Club seduces with its amusing theme, its strategic richness despite its ease of access and the pleasure of handling the wooden animal counters!

Good points :

  • Simplicity of the game turn
  • Ideal universe for family play
  • As interesting with 2 as with 5 players
  • Fast ! Only 9 rounds of play
  • The pleasure of filling his farm with adorable wooden animal pawns.

Contents :

  • 54 wooden pawns
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 55 cards (format 58 x 88 mm)
  • 5 farm boards
  • 15 Bird tokens
Data sheet
A partir de 8 ans
Game type
Strategy, optimization, fast
Alexandros Kapidakis
Jeanne Landart & Gaetan Noir
Numbers of players
Duration of play
20 min
Size of the box
20,1 x 5,7 x 20,1 cm
Fabriqué en France