Draisienne LR1Br

Draisienne LR1Br

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For advanced users: the LR 1L Br with brake.

Children who are already traveling safely on the LR M and who are looking for a new challenge can gain their first experience with a brake with the PUKY LR 1L Br. The drum brake, easy to dose and very little maintenance, only delays the rear wheel. This allows children to safely acquire their first experience with a brake. The child-friendly handbrake lever is specially designed for small children's hands, so that the handlebars stay tight even when braking. The PUKY LR 1L Br's 12.5 "tires ensure optimal comfort and maximum grip on all surfaces and are also very quiet. The PUKY pneumatic balance bikes are therefore the ideal vehicle for ambitious pilots who are already moving a little more Safety handles protect delicate children's hands and defuse the ends of the handlebars. The raised banana saddle at the front ensures that the momentum is also transferred to the vehicle without the child slipping forward. The low step allows safe ascent and descent. The large step allows the rider to put their feet down, ensuring a favorable center of gravity and safe handling, even at higher speeds. We deliberately do not limit the turning angle of our balance bikes. This allows the handlebars to lie flat on the ground in the event of a fall and considerably reduces the risk of injury. The PUKY® LR 1L BR is available in the colors red, football blue, kiwi, silver and in the thematic world "The Maus".


Suitable for children from 3 years old. Max. total load 25 kg. CAUTION: Use with protective equipment. Do not use in road traffic.

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A partir de 3 ans

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