Awakening 0-12 months

What sets an awakening toy apart from an ordinary toy is that it helps the baby to stimulate curiosity and capture his attention, while having fun. With the contrasting colors and vividness of these accessories, he can already unconsciously capture the difference between colors. You will find for example the nature activities, the flexible balloon Once upon a time, the mini-dance Colette, etc. Baby can already feed his visual memory and accustom his small hands to grip.

Moreover, the toys of enlightenment are easily manageable for the little ones. Rattles, for example, are popular with babies because they can easily hold them with their little hands and have fun shaking them as much as they want.

Aside from their practical benefits, the awakening toys also have a relaxing virtue for the baby. Especially when the first tooth of your little one starts to grow, sometimes his gum scratches him, so you can give him his rattle or his ring that can chew time. To ensure the safety of your little one, Bilboquet offers only toys and accessories according to the standards, easy to maintain and presenting no risk for baby.

Find your happiness and that of your child, choosing from our wide selection of awakening toys from 0 to 12 months.