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YoYoFactory Velocity®...

YoYoFactory Velocity® - Versatile Yo-yo with adjust-o-matic



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Age: 8 + years
Weight: 57 g
Diameter: 5,4 cm
Velocity®: part of the "evolution SERIES" by YoYoFactory

THE yo-yo of the 21st century: the Velocity is the first yo-yo of its kind. With the adjust-o-matic dials on each side of the yo-yo, the Velocity can be turned from a classic up and down yo-yo into a modern bind-return yo-yo with the turn of a dial. With the dials turned down for classic performance, you can throw the yo-yo and tug it back to your hand with ease, which makes it easier to learn the basics of yo-yoing.

With the dials turned all the way up, the Velocity is capable of doing the most difficult tricks you can throw at it. Combine the adjust-o-matic dials with silicone pad response and the high quality SPEC bearing and you have the yo-yo of the future available now!

Somes with one spare string.
YoYoFactory 3281
YoyoFactory Velocity® Factory yo-yos yos balls bearings silicon pads beginners intermediate plastic adjust-o-matic matic black
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