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YoYoFactory Hubstack -...

YoYoFactory Hubstack - Triple bearing Yo-yo

Brand: YoYoFactory. Reference 2922.
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Age: 8 + years
Weight: 63,2 g
Diameter: 5,83 cm
Width: 4,03 cm

The hubstack technology accessible to any yoyo player

Out of the box, the Hubstack is 100% responsive, meaning that any yoyo player can use it. With the hubstack technology, you don't need to throw the yo-yo to get it started! Just hold the hubstacks, give the string a pull, and feel the gyroscopic power!

How does it work? The Hubstack is equipped with THREE ball bearings.

The Hubstack is upgradable to unresponsive performance with the addition of a large Center Trac bearing.

Comes with two strings. Your bearings will last longer if you use the YoYoFactory performance oil (sold separately).
YoYoFactory Hubstack
YoYoFactory Hubstack Triple bearing Yo-yos triple bearings three advanced level technical plastic black red
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