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YoYoFactory Center Trac Yo-Yo Bearing

Brand: YoYoFactory. Reference 2935.
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Age: 8 + years
Material: stainless steel
The YoYoFactory® Center Trac™ upgrade bearing will take any large ball bearing Yo-Yo to a whole new level. This center grooved bearing is designed to keep the string centered on the bearing of the Yo-Yo in order to maximize spin times.

These bearings come with a small about of very light lubricant for quieter play. You may notice a bit more responsive play when you first install this upgrade, but with some play the bearing will “break in” and play perfectly.

This spare part will fit the following yo-yos by YoYoFactory:

Small size Center Trac™ bearing (Ø 10 mm):
• Fast 201
• Velocity

Large size Center Trac™ bearing (Ø 12.5 mm):
• all others

Bearing sold individually.
YoYoFactory Yoyo-07
YoYoFactory Center Trac Yo-Yos balls Bearings for yoyos yos Factory accessory accessories spare parts large size big stainless steel
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