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Yo-Yo Performance Oil...

Yo-Yo Performance Oil

Brand: YoYoFactory. Reference 2942.
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Age: 8 + years
Contents: 15 ml

You should lubricate your yo-yo bearing regularly to:
• ensure its proper operation
• increase its life time!

On a yo-yo, the string and bearing are wear parts that can be easily replaced.

About the bearing, yo-yo experts usually prefer a good old well maintained bearing rather than a brand new one that takes some time to "break in".

The YoYoFactory oil is specially designed for yo-yo practice; it comes in two versions:
1 • long spin (modern/long spinning) : decreased response low viscosity lubricant ("thin lube")
2 • loop/response (classic/looping) : increased response high viscosity lubricant ("thick lube")

If you hesitate between both, prefer the "long spin" version: it is compatible with all styles of practice.

This is not a toy. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not ingest.
YoYoFactory yoyo-37
Yo-Yos Performance Oil Lube for bearings yos YoYoFactory Factory accessory accessories repair loop response classic looping increased response high viscosity two
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